Friday, June 29, 2007

Vanessa Fox is leaving Google

Vanessa Fox has decided to leave Google. She made a very good job for Google's Webmaster Central. During last years, she was involved to launch and improve the webmaster console and bring search engines together on the Sitemaps standard.

As a result of Vanessa’s influence, in the last 2 years Google has improved the webmasters communication channels.

I wish you all the best Vanessa!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Referrers Tracking System

Avangate released the Referrer Tracking System: any developer can add a small JavaScript code into his website and he will start to track all referred customers. All referred sales will be reported by Avangate; thus, the referrer efficiency can be calculated in seconds.

Bellow is the visual representation of the system.

Terry Semel is out as Yahoo! CEO

Yahoo! announced that Terry Semel would no longer be the company’s chief executive officer. It seems that the "wind of change" started blowing for the second seach company in the world.

A short comment can be found on Matt Cutts' blog and a details article on CNN Money.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Avangate released today the Dutch language

We are proud to announce that the Dutch language is available for all Avangate customers. More details are available in the Avangate Control Panel.

Maybe you wonder why Avangate invests in platform localization? From our internal reports we noticed that the customer confidence can boost the finished sales from a specific region with up to 34%. Of course, there is always a balance between localization and profitability...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Russia - my first visit

Right now I am in Russia visiting some of our key partners and prospects of course :)

The first impression is that everything here needs to be organized; a lot of birocracy and there are no procedures implemented in any activity. Everybody is doing things as they think they should do them :)

Another thing that I've noticed is that there are huge differences between Moscow and other cities; people from here are saying that Moscow is another country.

From the business point of view, there is a huge potential here; everybody is listening very carefully and they are ready to implement new procedures (but very efficient and profitably ones).

The people are very warm and we are feeling wonderful here. In a couple of hours we will going to visit Moscow, the center of the town with our partners from DrWeb.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Google Related Searches

Google released these days a new feature: related searches. In the bottom of the results page, you can see a lot of keywords related to your search:

I am sure that these are very hot information for any marketing specialist (at least for SEO guys...); of course, you have to know how to collect the information and, most important, how to use it ;)

Japanese Tetris

I cannot resist to share this with you:

Microsoft Project: Task type as Fixed Duration

I am sure that any project manager has faced a lot of troubles when he tried to change the initial schedule of a task to a new one. Microsoft Project is designed to help the project manager by changing the start date or the end date after some calculations are made (when a new person is involved in the task, etc).

If you want to have 100% control of the start/end date of a task, you have to set the task type as "Fixed Duration" and you have to uncheck the "Effort driven" property. Thus, only you will be able to set the start date (or the end date) of the task.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Checklist for your website credibility improvement

Site Reference published today (the first article on the home page) an article wrote by our colleague Bogdan: How to Improve Website Credibility

The article is about a very hot topic these days: credibility on the Internet. The credibility (or reputation) is the main idea of the "web 2.0" and it is also the "must have" asset for every business. The time when the commerce was driven by the product has gone away; now, the first test that a business must pass is the confidence of the customer. Of course, the website must also follow a set of rules to obtain the credibility and the article is talking about these rules.

The article is also published on Avangate website (a section which I recommend it to every person involved in the "electronic software distribution" business).

Congratulations and keep up the good work Bogdan!

Monday, June 11, 2007

How big is your "Friends" group?

In this weekend, I noticed that my "Friends" group from my mobile phone has only a few numbers; on the other hand, the "Business" group is constantly growing every day. I don't feel comfortable to live in a world where the focus is 100% on the business contacts instead of your old friends…

For some people, to have a huge number of contacts in the "Business" group can be a good reason to smile in the morning but for me is afflicting when I see the difference between these groups.

I wonder if it's normal to spend all your time for business tasks instead of splitting the time between business, friends and family…In other words, how many years do you think that your soul will survive without any consistent "food"?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Dont' throw away your customers

Every day I am visiting a lot of websites and mostly the ordering pages; I can say that there are some webmasters that are totally ignore the customers they are serving.

For example, today I saw an ordering form which have the default quantity as zero ! Why would someone put the default quantity as zero? Believe me that I cannot answer to that question. Or maybe they really want to spend some money for a professional user testing service.

For all these king of webmasters, I have an advise: build the website and keep in mind that the website may be accessed by your grandmother (in this way, the usability is guaranteed)!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vodafone Live cannot work with mCommerce applications

Vodafone UK has released a great technology for the most of their users which reformats web pages to fit onto a mobile phone screen. Basically when a user is requesting an website via Vodafone Live, the request is intercepted byVodafone's server which downloads the content and converts it to suit customer phone model before sending it on.

Why am I saying for the most of their users? Because there are already these kind of optimizations provided by many mCommerce platforms (or some websites) and when when you have the optimization of the optimization then everything stops working.

The conclusion is that a good system architect can save you from a lot of troubles (and can bring you the satisfaction of your own customers).

Google PageRank explained

Smashing Magazine published yesterday a very useful article about Google PageRank: how does it work and how can be affected.

I recommend the reading because is a straight study from a lot of sources and studies and it will help you to understand the mechanism beside Google search results.