Thursday, May 31, 2007

Affiliates business - don't miss it

Three months ago I had a small conversation with one of our partners who said that the affiliates are not a good business because the conversion rates are zero.

I made a bet and we made together a plan to increase the conversion rate by using Affiliates Network. In case that you plan to build similar marketing actions, here you are some tips from our experience.

Step 1
Review all affiliates available in the Avangate network and build a list of websites that are targeting the same audience as you are.

Step 2
Build a standard commission list for the products you want to promote through affiliates.

Step 3
Contact all affiliates from your target list (by using the newsletter feature from Avangate Control Panel) and propose them special deals such as:

* custom builds
* increase the commission if you get promoted through specific tools (newsletter, featured download, software review, etc)

Don't forget that Avangate tracking system is also valid after a specific campaign will be closed; thus, you will get sales even after 4 months :)

An efficient campaign through Avangate affiliates can bring you incredible benefits:
* increase the downloads with over 120%
* increase the sales (the conversion rate depends on your activation procedures)

Avangate is giving you the necessary tools to watch every click and conversion rate from your affiliates.

Are you ready to start the sales engines?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Affiliates feeds generator

Today we released a very "sexy" feature for all Avangate Affiliates: Feeds generator.

The principle is very simple: the affiliates can build their own XML feeds containing the products from their software partners. The feeds will be stored on Avangate servers and will be regenerated at every 24 hours.

Any affiliate can have up to 3 feeds; of course, depending on sales volumes, we can increase this number for a specific affiliate :)

Google is cleaning up its AdSense publishers database

Google has notified a significant number of its AdSense publishers that their accounts will be closed starting June 1.

This move should have be made 1 year ago when the Internet has been infected with lots of small websites made only to make money from Google. I saw a lot of ads in Google made for these king of websites; ridiculous! Web site publishers do it by calculating the difference between what they pay Google to drive traffic to their site and the amount they get for running Google ads.

Anyway, I am glad that the action have came up and I hope that the advertise industry will be more efficient.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Avangate - new promotion report

Today we released a new graphical report for all Avangate vendors: Promotions report. The report is analyzing the sales within a selected period and calculates the percent of the discount sales made by using cross selling tool and coupons.

After that the report can go deeper to show what products are sold through cross selling and what products are sold through coupon discounts.

The impact for the online sales strategies must be huge (or not?) when you see this report :)

Google launched its new online security blog

Google launched its new online security blog fueling in this way the rumors that the company will offer security services.

In my opinion, the security layer it's a must for Google because they need to filter the web results from spam and malicious pages. Otherwise, the complaints about search results will never end...

About how Google handles malware you can read on Matt's blog

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't lose your possible customers

The order page can be built in many ways but it should have some specific elements: product name, order options, prices and the action element. I saw a lot of ordering pages and I will not talk at this moment about how to make an order page but how to use the action element.

The action element can be a link or a button or both. Today a saw an ordering page from a respectable company with all classical e-commerce elements implemented but with a very strange action element: a circle button before the product name:

Where is the action element here? Come on…you have a possible customer, you want to get the order and the only element from the whole page is that grey button? What about this little change:

I bet on this change and I am sure that the sales volume will increase with a minimum of 15 percent. What do you think?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cross Selling benefits

The last Avangate newsletter have a very nice cross-selling tip: Cross Selling benefits

"Implementing Cross Selling schemas into your selling mechanism can have a major impact on maximizing your profits with a minimum effort!

The Cross Selling feature works as a suggestion box. Each time a customer adds a product into the shopping cart, the system displays a list of up to five complementary products that can be also added into the shopping cart without spending additional time on searching for these products.

For example, if the customer adds an Antivirus software solution into the shopping cart, the system can be configured, via Cross Selling feature, to automatically suggest complementary products such as extended Virus Definition Databases, Firewall solutions or Spyware Protection Software.

This is a great way to improve both customers' shopping experience and profits without using an aggressive selling method or appear intrusive to customers.

The Cross Selling feature is accessible from the "Marketing Tools" tab within the Avangate Control Panel. Please read the explanation before starting configuring the Cross Selling experience!"

I think that Cross selling is a great tools and it must be used by all software vendors for their ordering process. Of course, there are a set of rules that must be applied: be relevant, be natural (don't add a lot of buy options because you will risk to lose the customer focus) and set fair discounts.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thomson Corp. has agreed to buy Reuters

Another aquisition....a lot of money....($17.2 billion). I wonder what are the feelings of the Reuter's owners...

The original article from Financial Post

Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't make things too complicated

I just installed Kaspersky Internet Security and I found that it is very complicated to be set up. I faced strange screens saying that some dll is trying to load another dll. More easier for me was to say that one program is trying to load one dll or web address; much easier to understand.

Anyway, I do my best to set this piece of software and it seems to do a great job.

Renewals management

In the software industry the most important asset is the customer. If you know your customers (yes, many software companies doesn't know their customers) and you serve them to make them happy, then you can say that you have a successfully company.

Avangate is launching the "License management" module which is a big plus for software vendors who will have a big number of returning customers (and a good management console for sold licenses of course).

I wrote this post to underline the concept of a renewal system versus a recuring payment system (which is a good system for services not for software products). Many vendors will threat the renewal system as a recuring payment service but thet are wrong, totally wrong.

I hope that this first message will be a good start for this blog :)