Thursday, May 31, 2007

Affiliates business - don't miss it

Three months ago I had a small conversation with one of our partners who said that the affiliates are not a good business because the conversion rates are zero.

I made a bet and we made together a plan to increase the conversion rate by using Affiliates Network. In case that you plan to build similar marketing actions, here you are some tips from our experience.

Step 1
Review all affiliates available in the Avangate network and build a list of websites that are targeting the same audience as you are.

Step 2
Build a standard commission list for the products you want to promote through affiliates.

Step 3
Contact all affiliates from your target list (by using the newsletter feature from Avangate Control Panel) and propose them special deals such as:

* custom builds
* increase the commission if you get promoted through specific tools (newsletter, featured download, software review, etc)

Don't forget that Avangate tracking system is also valid after a specific campaign will be closed; thus, you will get sales even after 4 months :)

An efficient campaign through Avangate affiliates can bring you incredible benefits:
* increase the downloads with over 120%
* increase the sales (the conversion rate depends on your activation procedures)

Avangate is giving you the necessary tools to watch every click and conversion rate from your affiliates.

Are you ready to start the sales engines?


Fabrice said...

Affiliation can be very effective, one of our affiliate generates 8% of our total sales, so it is important to keep him confident with the sales tracking and with nice reports.

Daniel said...

Dear Fabrice, I know that you are working very hard to keep close to your business all your affiliates.

Maybe you can share with us some things from your experience to improve this article :)