Saturday, March 7, 2009

Be a leader. Be a reference.

Today I was convinced once again that Einstein was right; everything is relative. But this is not all – the most amazing thing is that if you can create and control this relativity, then you will become a reference point; and my friends, that’s a guaranteed success.

Take a break and start looking how many reference points you are using on a daily basis in your life, in your business and, most important, in your decisions.

“Microsoft built a very popular operating system”
“Toyota is building the most reliable cars”
“This product is much cheaper in China”

Sounds familiar? How many times a day you are thinking or hear statements like that? Microsoft, Toyota, China - all of these are reference points. If you can enforce yourself to be a reference point in life and business then you will lead and achieve your dreams. I am serious!

One of the past days I was talking to a guy that asked me where I am from. After I told him I am from Europe he asked me how much costs the things out there. More of that, he asked me if I know what are the prices in China! What does that mean? It means that the price suddenly became a reference point for this guy and he is ready to buy products from a specific market because it’s cheaper. If the economy was good maybe the reference point for the price was limited to the United States; after this guy was forced to look for alternatives he made a search over the Internet and his horizons were expanded overseas.

Stop copying the competition and look to become a reference point for others!

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