Monday, June 15, 2009

Distribution Channel Management for software products

For a software company the distribution of its software products is a very challenging job. The Internet is offering unlimited opportunities but is opening many doors also for the competition. As a company director, I am sure that you are questioning yourself everyday what you need to do to keep (or target) the leader position.

The modern strategies include these days channel distribution strategies such as exclusivities for resellers, local market prices, marketing development funds and local brand development strategies. How to manage all these? How to protect the channels? How to improve the channels? How to define new channels? And, very important, how to measure all these parameters?

All these challenges will be discussed on Thursday, June 18th on a webinar hosted by my colleague Casey Potenzone (VP US Sales) and our partner Ken Beam (President, VAR City). The webinar is called “60 Minute Crash Course on Channel Management” and the registrations are open (and free):


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