Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Increase software downloads

The software industry has three major points to measure the success of the products:
  • number of downloads
  • number of licenses sold

We will address today only the first point: number of software downloads. What are the key factors that can affect these downloads?

Our webmarketing team released again a great article regarding how to increase the number of the downloads for a software product. The main factors are:
  1. Let users know what they are downloading. Don’t surprise them!
  2. Suggest the action: Download versus Try label
  3. Don't ask for user details (or do it in an elegant manner)
  4. How to handle a potential customer if interested
  5. Get proactive feedback
  6. How to manage the uninstall process
The entire article can be found on the Avangate website: The 66 Route to Selling Software Online


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