Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 1st of July

Today was a tremendous day for the Avangate platform. We released a lot of advanced new features:
  • license lifetime for pricing options
  • recurrent payments for American Express payments
  • PostePay payment method for the Italian customers
  • new information included in the IPN: sales costs for each product - for advanced integrations
What are the major benefits? The software industry is based on the "license" keyword. With Avangate the second keyword can be "imagination".

A software product can be set to be sold in a many combination by using the pricing options schemes, recurrent payment and the most advanced license management platform: buy for 1 month of for 12 months, for 5 users of for 10 users, with gold or platinum support, for MAC of for Windows platforms, etc.

Imagine how complex can be your offer now based on only one product :)

I dedicate this day to our development team. Congratulation guys!

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