Friday, September 26, 2008

Internet marketing from Avangate

I was recently asked how can we help a small company to promote its products. Suddenly I realized that there are so many marketing channels available from Avangate that can boost the product exposure very effective.

I will not talk about our webmarketing services which are tremendous (but also they are not free) but I will talk about all tools that are bundled with the e-commerce platform.

PAD Promoter
Avangate is offering a very efficient service by submiting a product PAD file to certain popular websites (such as,, etc). And yes, it's free :)

Google Base
Avangate is submitting on a daily basis your selected products to Google Base. Thus, you will receive an incredible market exposure to millions of potential customers.

Affiliates network
Thousands of affiliates are ready to sell new products. Not being a popular product there must be other ways to convince the affiliates to put it in front of other products; you will ask how. Now is depending an everybody sales talent but I would say that in all cases an offer that cannot be refused will win; and am not referring to Godfather's movie now but to money. Giving a big discount to affiliates can convenience them to make some easy money :)

Besides these free tools, Avangate can introduce you to additional marketing channels like Bits du Jour (which will sale the product with a great discount for one day), Giveawayoftheday (which is offering the product for free but for a different SLA, aquiring thousands of new customers and generate new revenue channels on them), (which is offering great discounts to all Avangate customers for the PR services).

At the end but not the last will be the Account Manager assigned for each vendor account. The consultancy services are included and coming from an e-commerce expert the benefits are obvious. Just log in to your Avangate account and start your Internet marketing plan :)

P.S. New customers can also sign up for an account :)

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