Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Affiliates - a questionable business

The affiliate concept seems to be a revolutionary way to expand your business but if we are looking at what is happening in the real world we will see that the market is full of useless affiliates.

Everyday we are receiving spam from affiliates that are waiting the sales to happen or we are landing on websites made by some affiliate that doesn't care if the products he is promoting will be sold or not. Why did they do that? Because it is free! It cost them nothing to get the affiliate statute. At this point starts your role to sort out who you are doing business with.

Looking to the software industry I can say that these affiliates are more than useless; they spoil the "free to try" concept by adding thousands of download portals that are not helping the users at all but confusing them.

Of course, we have hundreds and hundreds of affiliates that are doing a great job. They are 100% involved in promoting the products and supporting the potential customers; the sales are going very well and everybody is happy! Our duty is to improve the relationships with these real affiliates and to ignore the rest of them.

In my previous article about the affiliates business I spoke about how to improve your sales through the affiliates channel.

In conclusion, the affiliates business can be a very good sales channel if we are permanently paying attention to the business relationships and we are not happy just to have thousands of affiliates (but doing nothing for real for our business).

When did you contact the last time your affiliates?

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